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Well, gradually I’m changing this blog, to make it more “user friendly” for readers while trying to keep costs down.   So, I’m pleased to announce this new update:

The old URL of will still forward over here, but this new URL is more in line with the theme of this blog.  And hopefully will be simpler to type and remember.

And to all my readership, many thanks for your words of support and encouragement!  Love you too!  🙂

P.S. At the same time, I’m going to change over to a different theme.  Even though the Greyzd” WordPress theme has an artistic edginess that I absolutely adore, I think the “artsy” aspects of it may be a bit too “busy” and distracting.   So, back to something a little less pretty, but perhaps  more readable.  The content, not the cuteness, is what is important.