New Blog Name — Inviting Your Suggestions

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I’m going to be changing the name of this blog soon, to something more “adoption-related.”  I find I get lots of hits related to Pacific islands, little islands in the Pacific, etc.  Mostly people Googling the blog name, but sometimes just random people, maybe looking for islands to vacation on.

Yes I live on a lovely little island.  Yes it has nice scenery.  Some of us even have palm trees (non-native) in our gardens.  And there’s a certain nice feeling to being surrounded by our very own moat. We get to gloat a bit about not living on the mainland, dampened a bit by having to pay higher prices for almost everything.

But that theme is not adoption-related and this blog is.  So, I’d like to invite your suggestions on a new name for this blog.

I may also be changing it from being hosted on WordPress as well, as I find the features to be very limited, so your suggestions on a new blog hosting service, or affordable webhosting space are also welcome.  Maybe a few blog-hosting company?  Maybe it’s own webspace and domain name with blogging software uploaded?

What theme or concept resonates with you, my readers?  What comes to your mind when you read this blog?


5 thoughts on “New Blog Name — Inviting Your Suggestions

    Lissa said:
    February 14, 2010 at 1:17 am

    ‘What theme or concept resonates with you, my readers? What comes to your mind when you read this blog?’

    The truth of adoption;
    Consequences of adoption separation;
    Support for natural mothers and adoptees;
    Awareness for young expectant mothers who are being pressured to surrender their baby;
    Adoption coercion;
    A blog where natural mothers and adoptees understand how devastating adoption separation is and support each other.

    Your blog is well written and researched. You provide a place for those affected by adoption separation to voice their experiences.

    It is a great place for those who are adopted to learn what was done to mothers. Mothers also learn how adoption has affected adoptees.

    It’s about mothers and adoptees – we are what matters.

    Denise said:
    February 14, 2010 at 1:49 am

    That’s a good idea, if you want more hits from people searching on adoption issues. I got a ton more when I was second-chance mother versus now (changed my focus from strictly adoption). If I were going to rename, I’d google adoption blogs and see what’s out there so you don’t duplicate. Plus that might spark some creative ideas. I like blogger a lot, as far as a host.

    Kittz said:
    February 14, 2010 at 6:33 pm

    I might call it “Adoption Surrender” and then you could put in your subtitle. Adoption surrender can have multiple meanings, and it would draw in people who are connected to adoption.

    “Adoption Surrender” can deal with how mothers are coerced into adoption, and all issues with mothers.

    but, it could also mean that adoption itself, must someday surrender to the inevitable defeat of itself. Because it is wrong.

    Lois Luckovich said:
    February 16, 2010 at 12:57 am

    my suggestion is unprintable- “The Most Crooked MCFD LIVES HERE”

    Up and down the Island, they’re all as crooked as a dogs hind leg!

    How About “Bring Vancouver Island Children Home”???? Because in most cases they are sent to the mainland as mine was.


    Lois Luckovich said:
    February 20, 2010 at 6:55 am

    Yeah that was a pretty rude suggestion, but unfortunately true. I liked the old name, because there are many of us on this Island separated by adoption, Mothers of children sent to the mainland, and mainland children separated from ther families.

    How about Adoption Policy Critique, because this name sounds like you’re criticizing the whole process as opposed to addressing the issues we struggle with because of Policy.


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