“Sorry, Mrs. Smith …” – Postscript

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It has been truly interesting to read the response to the latest blog post, “Sorry, Mrs. Smith, your baby has to be adopted”.    We thank everyone who has participated in the discussion, and everyone who has re-posted the link for others to read this story.  Your comments on this blog, on Cafemom, and on Facebook have been read*.

Later this week there will be a follow-up post to “Sorry, Mrs. Smith,” providing some of the background behind the story,  and perhaps discussing the responses. Until then, please keep spreading the link and talking about it.

One thing that I want to clarify again:   Yes,  the adoptee in this story is real.  Details were changed to protect her identity and those of her family members, both natural and adoptive.  Yes, she is indeed aware of the blog post:  I would not have posted it without her permission.   I am also deeply indebted to her for her help in the composition of this story.

* If there are other public places of discussion that I have missed, please let me know.


One thought on ““Sorry, Mrs. Smith …” – Postscript

    Margie said:
    September 29, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    I was too late to the party to comment, but want to add that if anyone thinks situations as draconian as the one in “Mrs. Smith” don’t really happen, read this:


    Adoption is way too easy to turn into the solution to every pregnancy-related problem. With people thinking like the guy in this post, can you imagine the nightmare that could be created?

    Apologies if you’ve written about this before – the article goes back to June, but I’m way behind reading. And thanks for everything you write here!

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